The Kinks Collection Of 27 Titles & 33 Pieces Of Vinyl Many 180 Gram + 5 Cd’s

The_Kinks_Collection_Of_27_Titles_33_Pieces_Of_Vinyl_Many_180_Gram_5_Cd_s_01_rnlt The Kinks Collection Of 27 Titles & 33 Pieces Of Vinyl Many 180 Gram + 5 Cd's

The Kinks Collection Of 27 Titles & 33 Pieces Of Vinyl Many 180 Gram + 5 Cd's
STARTS WITH THREE 60’S RARE LIMITED EDITION ORIGINAL 180 GRAM EUROPEAN VINYL PRESSINGS OF THESE CLASSIC MASTERPIECES THE KINKS THE KINKS – KINK UNITED KINKSDOM AKA KONTROVERSY, PERCY & KINKS LIVE AT KEVIN HALL. THESE PRESSINGS WERE THE 1ST EVER IN THE 180 GRAM PRESSING WEIGHT. NOW LONG OUT OF PRINT & RARE. THE SECOND PHASE OF THIS COLLECTION ARE ELEVEN 70’S AND 80’S KINKS RELEASES ON 180 GRAM VINYL – NOW VERY VALUABLE 2008 OUT OF PRINT BLACK VINYL 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE EDITIONS. THE 3RD SECTION IS A SERIES OF two 45 EP SINGLES & AN two ADDITIONAL SINGLES WITH SUPERMAN & FATHER CHRISTMAS plus THE PICTURE DISC RECORDED LIVE AT TWICKENHAM TELEVISION STUDIOS with You really Got Me & Milk Cow Blues. EP’S ARE KINKSIZE HITS with You Really Got Me – It’s All Right – All Day and All Of The Night – I Gotta Move. And KINKSIZE SESSION with I’ve Gotta Go Now – I’ve Got The Feeling – Things Are Getting Better – Louie Louie. PLUS SOME RAY DAVIES SOLO PRESSINGS. The last part of the collection is The Kinks 50th Anthology 1964 to 1971 collection a 5 CD set with booklet. & TYPE IN THE KINKS INTO THE SEARCH FIELD WITHIN OUR STORES SECTION AS YOUR PERSONAL CODE AND ALL INDIVIDUAL TITLES + INFORMATION WILL APPEAR. For additional Rare, Out of Print, Factory-Sealed Audiophile Recordings, or Kinks titles visit mymusicfix E-Bay Store by hitting the STORES TAB on this titles Home Page. THE 60’S TITLES. THE KINKS THE KINKS – The Kinks: Ray Davies (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Dave Davies (vocals, guitar); Pete Quaife (vocals, bass); Mick Avory (drums). Additional personnel: Jimmy Page (guitar); Bobby Graham (drums). Released in one furious year, 1965. The band started out under the spell of the same bluesy American rock & roll that fueled both the Merseybeat bands as well as their grittier counterparts (most notably the Rolling Stones). However, mixed in with the Chuck Berry covers were some astoundingly confident originals by Ray Davies and if that weren’t enough, younger brother Dave Davies’ big fisted guitar chords worked in tandem with the rhythm section of Pete Quaife and Mick Avory, making The Kinks one of the finest rock & roll bands to jump out of any decade. Recorded in 1965 at the tail end of their world tour, for their second release the Kinks were out to prove that weren’t just a passing phase, which with a track list that included hits like “Tired Of Waiting For You, ” “Come On Now, ” and “Don’t Ever Change, ” of course they did. Reissue of the original German press of Kinda Kinks, featuring also its original cover artwork. 180 gram virgin vinyl! Features: Original Mono Version WITH ORIGINAL GERMAN COVER & 180 GRAM Selections: 1. Look For Me Baby 2. Got My Feet On The Ground 3. Nothin’ In The World Can’t Stop Me Worryin”Bout That Girl 4. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight 6. Tired Of Waiting For You 7. Dancing In The Street 8. Don’t Ever Change 9. Come On Now 10. You Shouldn’t Be Sad 12. The Kinks Kinda Kinks 180 GRAM 50TH LIMITED EDITION LP. 50th ANNIVERSARY 180 gram Vinyl Reissue! Remastered From Original Master Tapes! Kinda Kinks is the second studio album by English rock band The Kinks, released in 1965. It was recorded immediately after the return of the group from an Asian tour, and was completed and released within two weeks. Although it was a rushed effort, it included “Tired of Waiting For You” which became a #1 hit on the UK Singles Charts and the album hit #3 on the UK Album Charts. On the previous album, however, the band had used covers to fill the spaces between the Ray Davies originals, while here the tracks are almost all penned by Davies (with the exception of their version of “Dancing In The Street”). Davies’ lovelorn songs had yet to fully flower into elegies for disappearing lifestyles and values. But his wistful melodicism can be heard in tunes such as “Something Better Beginning, ” “Don’t Ever Change, ” and “So Long, ” which mingle nicely with the pop propulsion of Tired of Waiting. With the focus so squarely on the singing songwriter, it’s almost easy to forget how powerful the rest of the ensemble were a tight little rock & roll band of the highest order. This album showcased a much more sophisticated sound, Dave Davies’ guitar turned down (and even switched to acoustic in a couple of spots) as Ray Davies began exploring aspects of emotions and storytelling that transcended anything in the group’s prior output –“Nothin’ in This World Can Stop Me Worryin”Bout That Girl” may have been a mouthful of a title, but it also put them right in the front of the British Invasion pack for seriousness and complexity, out in front of where the Beatles or almost any of the competition were in early 1965. Producer Shel Talmy was never known for deep pocket spending on record production or anything more than straight forward getting the tune on tape and getting out and for the longest time I thought of these as el cheapo productions with not much sonically to recommend but over time that view has changed especially with these new re-masters by Kevin Gray from the original Pye mono tapes this album was never mixed to stereo though there are original fake stereo versions issued by both Pye and in America by Reprisestay away from those! I compared this reissue to an original UK red label Pye mono pressing and to an early 1990s gray mono Pye pressing. The earlier pressings sound similar. The new cut by Kevin Gray is much better! Theres no doubt about it. Its far more transparent, spacious and harmonically complete. The bottom end is both more extended and more detailed. On the opening track drummer Mick Avory does some speedy kick drum double time that Id not before heard so deeply and cleanly rendered. More importantly, Id always thought of this album as okay sounding but its much better than that on this reissue. First play Fancy and youll hear what Im talking about. The Kinks Katalog has been messed up since forever, with a slew of reissues and hits compilations sourced from who knows what? Now we have a chance to get them all, cut by one of the great mastering engineers working today, sourced from the original master tapes and well-pressed too. For Kinks fans, this is it. Who knows how long these will remain in print. Michael Fremer, Analog Planet, June 16, 2015 Features: 180g Vinyl Remastered from original master tapes Selections: Side One: 1. Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin”Bout That Girl 4. Tired Of Waiting For You Side Two: 1. Dancing In The Street 2. Don’t Ever Change 3. Come On Now 4. You Shouldn’t Be Sad 6. The Kinks Percy 180 GRAM UK PRESSED LIMITED EDITION LP. Only a few copies left! Originally released only in the U. Percy is the soundtrack to the film of the same name. While mostly instrumental music, The Way Love Used to Be, God’s Children and Moments are gems and worth having the record for itself. Features: Stereo Version Made In England Selections: Side One: 1. God’s Children 2. The Way Love Used To Be 4. Running Round Town 6. Moments Side Two: 1. Animals In The Zoo 2. Gods Children – End. KEVIN HALL LIVE 180 GRAM UK PRESSED LIMITED EDITION – Originally released in 1967, this album features the band at their raw n alive best, cranking out a selection of their hits to a baying horde of Scottish teens. A revealing presentation of just how the band sounded live, all those years ago. Features: Stereo Version Made In MADE IN THE UK Selections: 1. Till The End Of The Day 2. A Well Respected Man 3. You’re Looking Fine 4. I’m On An Island 7. Come On Now 8. You Really Got Me 9. Medley: Milk Cow Blues Batman Theme Tired Of Waiting Milk Cow Blues. KINK’S UNITED KINKSDOM AKA KONTROVERSY – Kink UNITIED KINKSDOM AKA Kontroversy finds Ray and Dave Davies branching out beyond strict “rock” inspirations as evidenced on songs like I’m On An Island and Gotta Get The First Plane Home. The last of the early Kinks album with a “classic” Kinks sound, Kink Kontroversy was a doorway to new and better material. Features: Mono Version Made In ITALY/EARMARK RECORDS Selections: 1. Milk Cow Blues 2. Ring the Bells 3. Gotta Get the First Plane Home 4. When I See That Girl Of Mine 5. Till the End of the Day 7. The World Keeps Going Round 8. I’m On An Island 9. Where Have All The Good Times Gone 10. It’s Too Late 11. What’s In Store For Me 12. You Can’t Win. THE 70’S AND 80’S TITLES NOW ALL OUT OF PRINT AND BECOMING TREMENDOUSLY RARE. LOW BUDGET – One of the highest charting Kinks albums ever, this hard-rocking, stripped-down masterpiece kicked off the band’s American arena-rock glory days. Features the smash hits “Superman”, “Catch Me Now I’m Falling” and the classic “A Gallon of Gas”. Features: 180 Gram Vinyl Limited Edition Selections: 1. Catch Me Now I’m Falling 3. Superman, (Wish I Could Fly Like) 6. In a Space 8. Little Bit of Emotion 9. A Gallon of Gas 10. The Live LP brilliantly captures a classic early 70s Kinks show… A rowdy, campy affair featuring live versions of Lola, Banana Boat Song, Alcohol, and lots more. Features: Double Vinyl 180 Gram Vinyl Limited Edition Gatefold Jacket Selections: LP 1 1. Here Comes Yet Another Day 2. Sitting in My Hotel 6. You Don’t Know My Name 8. Look a Little on the Sunny Side 10. Celluloid Heroes LP 2 1. Top of the Pops 2. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues 5. Banana Boat Song 9. Skin And Bone 10. SOAP OPERA – Originally released in 1975, “Soap Opera” may be the best and most entertaining of The Kinks’ celebrated concept albums. Built on themes of stardom vs. Ordinary life, this album is a showcase for some of the most beautiful songs in the Kinks catalog, including “You Make It All Worthwhile”, “Underneath the Neon Sign” and the classic hit single “Everybody’s A Star”. Features: 180 Gram Vinyl Limited Edition Gatefold Jacket Selections: 1. Everybody’s A Star (Starmaker) 2. Rush Hour Blues 4. Nine To Five 5. When Work Is Over 6. Have Another Drink 7. Underneath the Neon Sign 8. You Make It All Worthwhile 10. Ducks On the Wall 11. A Face In the Crowd 12. You Can’t Stop the Music. SLEEPWALKER – The classic album from 1977 marked the beginning of The Kinks’ golden era on Arista Records, as well as a return to the upper reaches of the rock charts. Mixing hit singles like the title song with great power ballads and arena-ready anthems like “Juke Box Music”, this album is prized by devoted Kinks followers and fans of classic rock. Life On the Road 2. Juke Box Music 6. STATE OF CONFUSION – This 1983 release features “Come Dancing”, the Kinks’ biggest hit since “You Really Got Me”, plus a terrific mixture ranging from hard rockers (the title track) to pop gems like “Don’t Forget To Dance”. One of the most popular Kinks albums on 180g vinyl! State Of Confusion 2. Labour Of Love 4. Don’t Forget To Dance 7. Heart Of Gold 9. Cliches Of The World (B Movie) 10. SCHOOL BOYS IN DISGRACE – The 1975 concept album that catches The Kinks at their hard rocking best. The title tells the tale of this wild but fond look back at school days. Jack the Idiot Dunce 3. The First Time We Fall In Love 5. I’m In Disgrace 6. The Hard Way 8. The Last Assembly 9. No More Looking Back 10. GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. Maybe the Kinks’ hardest rocking album ever, this 1981 smash is filled with the kind of arena-ready rock hits like “Predictable”, “Destroyer” and “Add It Up”. Around the Dial 2. Give the People What They Want 3. Killer’s Eyes 4. Add It Up 6. Back to Front 9. A Little Bit of Abuse 11. ONE FOR THE ROAD 2 LP SET. One of the greatest “live albums” in rock history, and sounding better than ever before on this Limited Edition Pressing from Velvel! The double album set includes the “live” hit singles “You Really Got Me” and “Lola”. Features: Double Vinyl Gatefold Packaging 180 Gram Vinyl Limited Edition Selections: LP1: 1. Catch Me Now I’m Falling 4. Where Have All the Good Times Gone 5. All Day and All of the Night 9. 20th Century Man 10. Prince of the Punks 12. Stop Your Sobbing LP2: 1. Till the End of the Day 6. You Really Got Me 8. MISFITS – The 1978 classic, features “A Rock n’ Roll Fantasy”, “Misfits”, plus the holiday smash “Father Christmas”. Some of Ray’s finest compositions with an impeccable production, heard here in all its glory. A Rock N’ Roll Fantasy 5. In A Foreign Land 6. Live Life (UK Album Version) 8. Out Of The Wardrobe 9. Trust Your Heart 10. MUSWELL HILLBILLIES – SO RARE NOW THAT THIS PRESSING IS PRICELESS JUST TRY TO FIND ONE STILL SEALED 2008 BLACK VINYL LIMITED OUT OF PRINT EDITION – The 1971 classic, viewed by many fans as the greatest of all Kinks albums. Roots, blues and British Music hall are combined for an unplugged-style showcase for the whole band’s vastly under-rated instrumental talents. 20th Century Man 2. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues 3. Skin & Bone 5. Here Come The People In Grey 8. Have A Cuppa Tea 9. WORD OF MOUTH – This 1984 classic, overlooked by many on its initial release, provided the haunting “Living On A Thin Line”, featured on one of the best episodes of HBO’s The Sopranos. Mixing the crunching rock of the hit “Do It Again” with great ballads like “Good Day”, this classic is now available on 180g vinyl! Do It Again 2. Word Of Mouth 3. Living On A Thin Line 5. Summer’s Gone 11. One of the most remarkable rock records ever made, Preservation Act 2 completes the tale begun in Act 1 with some of Ray’s finest compositions and an impeccable production. Features: Double LP 180 Gram Vinyl Limited Edition Gatefold Jacket Selections: 1. Introduction to Solution 3. When a Solution Comes 4. Shepherds of the Nation 7. Scum of the Earth 8. Second-Hand Car Spiv 9. He’s Evil 10. Mirror of Love 11. Oh Where Oh Where Is Love? Flash’s Dream (The Final Elbow) 15. Flash’s Confession 16. Nothing Lasts Forever 17. THE KINKS Preservation Act 1. This 1973 “concept album” may be Ray Davies most ambitious project – and perhaps the best rock musical ever recorded. There’s a Change in the Weather. Where Are They Now? One of the Survivors. Sitting in the Midday Sun. PLUS THIS BONUS SET – RAY DAVIES WORKING MAN’S CAFE 180 GRAM HALF SPEED MASTERED 2 LP SET. Half-Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker! Featured in Michael Fremer’s Heavy Rotation in the September 2008 Issue of Stereophile! Stereophile Rated 4.5/5 Music, 4/5 Sonics in the May 2008 Issue of Stereophile! Working Man’s Cafe a new studio album by legendary musician and Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame member Ray Davies (founder, singer, songwriter of The Kinks), features 12 new songs written by Davies, and co-produced with Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Ray Kennedy (Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle). Recorded in Nashville, mixed in London, Working Man’s Cafe is Davies’ second solo album, following his solo debut Other People’s Lives, release in 2006. Working Man’s Cafe, focuses on the plight of the worker, the every day man around the world. It is Davies’ “American record” many of the songs were written in the U. Describing the changes he’s seen in this country since he first started visiting in the’60s. In a recent four star Mojo Magazine review Davies is described as having “a tourist’s blend of enchantment and bafflement” when writing about the United States. As good as anything Ray has written in decades. Rock’n’roll may have started out as youth music, but Ray Davies is proving that the ability to play it doesn’t evaporate with age. John Swenson, Stereophile May 2008 Features: Half-Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker! 180g Vinyl Double LP 3 Bonus Tracks Selections: LP 1 1. You’re Asking Me 3. Working Man’s Cafe 4. In a Moment 6. Peace in Our Time 7. No One Listen 8. One More Time LP 2 1. The Voodoo Walk 2. Hymn for a New Age 3. The Real World Bonus Tracks: 4. Angola (Wrong Side of the Law) 5. Vietnam Cowboys (Demo) 6. The Voodoo Walk Demo. THE KINKS LIVE IN LONDON DMM mastered 180 gram IMPORT LIMITED EDITION 2 LP SET. DMM Cutting 180g Vinyl of The Kinks Live in 1973 & 1977! This live 2LP, 21-track collection, courtesy of the BBC archives, captures the British rockers at two separate concert dates, one at the Television Centre in London on January 24, 1973 and the other at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London on December 24, 1977. Features: Double LP Import Selections: LP1 – Side 1: 1. Dedicated Follower of Fashion 4. Holiday LP1 – Side 2: 1. Good Golly Miss Molly 2. You Really Got Me 3. All Day and All of the Night 4. The Village Green Preservation Society LP2 – Side 3: 1. All Day and All of the Night 2. Death of a Clown 4. Slum Kids LP2 – Side 4: 1. The Hard Way 3. RAY DAVIES I WILL BE ME LIMITED EDITION VINYL LP. Kinks founder Dave Davies performs with The Jayhawks, Anti-Flag, award winning UK blues guitarist Oli Brown, Chris Spedding, Aussie rockers The Art, and others on this superb album – available on gorgeous 12 vinyl! Livin In The Past. When I First Saw You. You Can Break My Heart. Walker Through The Worlds. Cote Du Rhone I Will Be Me. Ray Davies, one of rock and roll’s most successful and influential songwriters, releases his eagerly anticipated solo album. Other People’s Lives. On V2 Records, February 21, 2006. Written, produced and arranged by Ray, the LP features 13 stunning new songs recorded in Konk Studios in London. Combining Ray’s distinctive vocals with astutely observed lyrics, the new album brims effervescently with Ray’s heady, unmistakable style and talent. Each song is a gem both lyrically and musically and tells the influence, journey and direction of Ray’s creative process. Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After). Creatures Of Little Faith. Run Away From Time. Is There Life After Breakfast? The Getaway (Lonesome Train). 15 Hits including “You Really Got Me, ” “Lola, ” “All Day And All Of The Night” & More! Collection of some of The Kinks’ best songs available exclusively on vinyl LP. The compilation includes 15 tracks from the years 1964 to 1970 including “You Really Got Me, ” “Lola, ” “All Day and All of the Night, ” “Set Me Free, ” “Waterloo Sunset” and more! All Tracks on Side One in Mono, 2014 Remasters. All Tracks on Side Two in Stereo, 2014 Remasters. You Really Got Me. All Day and All of the Night. Tired of Waiting For You. A Well Respected Man. Till the End of The Day. Dedicated Follower of Fashion. A SONIC WORK OF ART. This Limited Edition gem. 100+ Song Collection Features remastered Pye Label Era Classics Alongside More Than Two Dozen Previously Unreleased Recordings September 10th 1964, some 50 years ago, The Kinks had their first number one with the classic You Really Got Me and the rest is rock n roll history. To celebrate this momentous occasion, a must-have 5-disc box set spanning the peerless output from that landmark year through 1971 will see a November 18 U. Newly remastered, the box set features rare demos, interviews, alternate mixes, session outtakes, 25 previously unavailable tracks, and extensive liner notes all in a beautiful box set. This essential release includes many timeless gems including You Really Got Me , Stop Your Sobbing , All Day And All of the Night , Till The End of The Day , A Well Respected Man , Sunny Afternoon , Dead End Street , Waterloo Sunset , David Watts , Autumn Almanac , Days , Picture Book and The Village Green Preservation Society. The first installment was last month’s 2-disc expanded edition of 1970 s Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One featuring Mono and Stereo mixes, unreleased material and alternative versions, the 1971 soundtrack album Percy and more. I’m A Hog For You, Baby. I Don’t Need You Anymore (Demo). Ev’rybody’s Gonna Be Happy (Demo). I Took My Baby Home. You Still Want Me. You Do Something To Me. Beautiful Delilah (Alternate Mono Mix). Just Can’t Go To. I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter (Alternate Mono Mix). Little Queenie (- Live At The Playhouse Theatre, 1964). Too Much Monkey Business (Alternate Take). All Day And All Of The Night. I Gotta Go Now. I’ve Got That Feeling (Live At Piccadilly Studios, 1964). Tired Of Waiting For You. Come On Now (Alternate Mix). Look For Me Baby. Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin”Bout That Girl. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight. Don’t Ever Change. You Shouldn’t Be Sad. Ev’rybody’s Gonna Be Happy. Who’ll Be The Next In Line (Session Excerpt – Backing Track Take One – Previously Unissued). Who’ll Be The Next In Line (Alternate Mix – Previously Unissued). Interview: Clay Cole Meets The Kinks Recorded June 17, 1965 (Previously Unissued). Never Met A Girl Like You Before. I Go To Sleep (Demo). A Little Bit Of Sunlight (Demo). Tell Me Now So I’ll Know (Alternate Demo). When I See That Girl Of Mine (Demo). There’s A New World Just Opening For Me (Demo). This Strange Effect (Live At Aeolian Hall, 1965). Hide And Seek (Live At Aeolian Hall, 1965). Don’t You Fret. Till The End Of The Day. Where Have All The Good Times Gone. The World Keeps Going Round. I’m On An Island. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion Session Excerpt – Takes 1. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Single Version). Sittin’ On My Sofa. She’s Got Everything (Backing Track Take Two – Previously Unissued). She’s Got Everything (Alternate Mono Mix – Previously Unissued). All Night Stand (Demo). I’m Not Like Everybody Else. Rosy Won’t You Please Come Home. Too Much On My Mind. Most Exclusive Residence For Sale. Big Black Smoke (Alternate Stereo Mix – Previously Unissued). Pleasant (Mix Previously Unissued). This Is Where I Belong (Mix Previously Unissued). Village Green (Mix Previously Unissued). Two Sisters (Mix Previously Unissued). Waterloo Sunset Session Excerpt – Backing Track Take Two. Act Nice And Gentle (Mix Previously Unissued). Harry Rag (Session excerpt – Previously Unissued). Death Of A Clown. Love Me Till The Sun Shines. Afternoon Tea (Alternate Stereo Mix – Previously Unissued). Lazy Old Sun (Alternate Stereo Mix – Previously Unissued). Susannah’s Still Alive. Good Luck Charm (Mix Previously Unissued). Lincoln County (Stereo Single Version Mix – Previously Unissued). Did You See His Name? (Alternate Ending – Mix Previously Unissued). Days (Session Excerpt – Previously Unissued). Misty Water (Alternate Mix – Previously Unissued). Do You Remember Walter. Johnny Thunder (Stereo Remix). Pictures In The Sand. People Take Pictures Of Each Other (European Stereo Mix). Interview: Ray Davies talks about Village Green Preservation Society. The Village Green Preservation Society (Live At The Playhouse Theatre, 1968). Till Death Us Do Part. When I Turn Out The Living Room Light. Where Did My Spring Go. This Man He Weeps Tonight. Reprise US Tour Spot (Previously Unissued). Some Mother’s Son. She’s Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina. Young And Innocent Days. Mindless Child Of Motherhood. Get Back In The Line. A Long Way From Home. Got To Be Free. The Way Love Used To Be. Mymusicfix has been told we have the best collection of Rare, Out of Print music collectibles on E-Bay. International Buyers Please Note. OUT OF PRINT PRODUCT is IRREPLACEABLE and therefore NOT RETURNABLE. International Buyers are responsible for their countrys. The free listing tool. The item “THE KINKS COLLECTION OF 27 TITLES & 33 PIECES OF VINYL MANY 180 GRAM + 5 CD’S” is in sale since Friday, June 27, 2014. This item is in the category “Music\Records”. The seller is “mymusicfix2″ and is located in Lake Forest, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Style: British Invasion
  • Duration: LP
  • Speed: 33 RPM
  • Record Size: 12″
  • Record Label: VARIOUS LABELS
  • Release Year: VARIOUS YEARS
  • Genre: Rock
  • Special Attributes: 180 – 220 gram

The Kinks Collection Of 27 Titles & 33 Pieces Of Vinyl Many 180 Gram + 5 Cd's

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