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Massena LAB Geometer / Limited Edition to 99 pieces / New, unworn

The Massena LAB Geometer is a reincarnation of a little-known, vintage chronograph, the Rodania Geometer, which has long been considered something of a grail watch for a niche of vintage watch enthusiasts and collectors. The original Rodania Geometer reference, while closely resembling another famous Swiss chronograph, dates to 1954, three full years before the release […]

2006 Luiligongfang Limited Edition Crystal Art Sculptures 3 Pieces

Title: 2000s Luiligongfang Limited Edition Crystal Art Sculptures – 3 Pieces. About this Item: Featured are three pate de vere Luiligongfang limited edition crystal art sculptures. Blossom and Blossom is an amber cube shaped container that features a pink chrysanthemum lid and floral etched interior design. Signed by the artist, dated 2006, limitation no. Includes […]

Swiss Mens Blue Watch Wryst Force SX300 Chronograph Limited Edition of 75 pieces

Blue Swiss Watch with Chronograph WRYST FORCE SX270 – Limited Edition of 75 pieces. LAST PIECES IN STOCK. Swiss chronograph Wryst SX300 for men size 50 mm dedicated to sports and outdoors. The last pieces available for this unique bold manly watches in limited edition of 75 units. Exclusive Limited Edition of 75 pieces – […]